Lactacyd Perineal Wash Review

Lactacyd Perineal Wash
Lactacyd Perineal Wash

Hello Ladies 🙂

We all take care of our skin and body but do we pay equal attention to our private parts? Maintaining hygiene of our private parts is as important as rest of our body parts. The blackness in the perineal area is also because of not cleaning the area properly. It is not wise to use soap or detergent based products on/near vagina.

Perineal wash is a product which is not much spoken about although we all face day to day vaginal hygiene issues. Even I was skeptical about such products and never used them thinking of the side effects. One of my friend suggested me about this product and on her recommendation bought a bottle of Lactacyd perineal wash.

I really like the product from the day I have started using it. So thought to share this review of Lactacyd perineal wash with all of you.

Lactacyd Perineal Wash
Lactacyd Perineal Wash

What the Company claims: Lactacyd, an effective and safe perineal wash, is a unique combination of lactic acid (a natural antiseptic) & Lactoserum (a natural vitamin & mineral extract) and can be used during & after anti-infective therapy.

Directions of use: Take 5ml on palm, apply on perineal area n rinse off thoroughly with water. Use Lactacyd in the morning and evening OR as directed by physician.

Quantity: 100 ml

Price: INR 95

Shelf life: 1 yr 11 months

Sonali says: It comes in an opaque white bottle with a tic-tac nossle to release the liquid. I have been using it daily from last three month and did not notice any side effects. I use it twice a day during periods as it helps me to stay fresh and prevent the bad odour during bleeding. It is gentle and effectively cleans the perineal area. Lactacyd has a pleasant fragrance which stays for long.

It is very effective in preventing various kind of infections and PH imbalance which leads to itching, discharges and unpleasant odour…stands 100% true on product claim. It a must buy for all ladies who have or do not have perineal area hygiene issues. You will definitely feel the difference on using it. It is easily available at most of the chemist shops.

Lactacyd Perineal Wash
Lactacyd Perineal Wash


  • Product claim is true.
  • Safe and gentle for everyday use
  • Nice fragrance
  • Affordable
  • Easily available at pharmacy stores

Cons: None for me

My Rating: 5/5

Will I re-purchase? Yes definitely


7 thoughts on “Lactacyd Perineal Wash Review

  1. i never heard like this type of cream .While reading this only oh this type of cream also available in market..oh good thank you friend for a great sharing about a big thing..I will use this lactocyd and will back again….


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