DIY: How to Apply & Remove False Nails

Hi Ladies 🙂

Long nails always fascinate me but I am not able to maintain them as my nails break easily, so I thought to try using false nails and fulfill my wish of coloring long nails. First thing that came to my mind while purchasing false nails (also known as artificial nails) was how to apply them. The answer was hanging in front of me…lol…I mean all the products had the printed instructions 🙂

So here is the tutorial on fixing and removing false nails.

Things Required:

  • False Nails
False Nails
False Nails
  • Nail Glue and Nail Glue Remover
Nail Glue and Remover
Nail Glue and Glue Remover

Fixing the false nails

  • First and the most important step is to  clean the nails properly with soap and water.
  • Remove the cuticles around the edges of the nail.
  • Clean nails again with brush or dry tissue to get a smooth surface.
  • Take your false nail palette and try the sizes on your nails, so that you choose the right size for your nail.
  • Now spread 2-3 drops of nail glue on the nail as shown in the picture.

Fixing False Nail Step 1

  • Place the false nail over the natural nail and press it well so that it sticks to the surface.

Fixing False Nail

  • Let it dry completely and you are ready with trendy long nail 😀

PS: Avoid using water on your hand immediately after applying the false nails.

Removing the false nails

Removing the false nails is said to be tricky and that’s what I too feel about it. Many people hesitate to remove the false nails at home as they feel they will end up messing with it. Here I am giving a little insight on how to remove the false nails based on my personal experience. Although I have a glue remover but I never require it as the warm water always acted a good glue remover for my false nails.

Steps to follow:

  • Dunk your nails in warm water for 5-7 minutes.
  • After removing your hands from water pat dry them and apply nail glue remover over the edges of the false nail and opposite side of it where it meets the natural nail.
  • Leave it for couple of minutes and pull your false nail slowly towards outside.
  • If the false nail does not come out easily, again apply the glue remover and the remove it.
  • Buff your nails or give them a manicure at home 🙂

PS: Try removing false nails immediately after coming out of shower as the nail are already soaked in water for quite sometime.


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