My Online Shopping Experience with

Hi Everyone,

I got some goodies from 24×7 As this was my first shopping with them so thought to share my experience about it. I was desperately looking for Maybelline Hyper Glossy eyeliner and was available only on this site. Moreover, I was looking for whole makeup remover and a washable mascara so here is what I bought.

My Shopping from 24x7 Style
My Shopping from 24×7 Style

My Experience: Flipkart and Urbantouch are my favorite online shopping sites but as I mentioned earlier, I wanted Hyper Glossy eyeliner so I landed up on this site. The look and feel of this site is really good. It mainly sells skin care and makeup products.

Free shipping is available for shopping over Rs. 500. I guess the range of makeup brands is not wide. But anyway, all the three things I wanted where available on this site so I did not have to buy unnecessary stuff for getting free shipping 😛 Cash on Delivery (COD) is also available.

An email confirming the order and shipment details was sent immediately and next day a lady called up and confirmed the order over call. I got my goodies within 2 days. The delivery guy called up to confirm the delivery time unlike Flipkart where the delivery guy calls up after reaching your place.

The items were packed in bubble paper and then placed in a brown carton box….I love Urbantouch for their beautiful black box 😀 The only stylish thing about 24×7 style was their signature bag 😉


No to forget….I got a gift voucher which has a coupon code written on it…its hidden in pic by the silver border :-p. The surprise behind the coupon will only be revealed when I shop with them again.

But overall my experience was great with 🙂

Gift Voucher from 24x7 Style
Gift Voucher from 24×7 Style

Gift Voucher 24x7 Style


4 thoughts on “My Online Shopping Experience with

  1. my experience with them was.. i dont know how to rate it… i ordered a product.. successfully completed the transaction.. waited for a couple of days.. got a call from them saying that the product was not in stock.. (strange!! as it was still showing in stock on the website)… got my order cancelled.. and finish… did not order from them again…


    1. I guess online shopping experience is different for different people. Like yours, I have bad experience with Snapdeal but some of my friends love to order from Snapdeal


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