July Empties and Repurchase

Hi Everyone,

I know its been a really long time since my last post on the blog. I kind of disappeared after publishing my first post :-P. Days are so occupied that this hobby of mine gets sidelined but now I have decided to be more active 😀

Okay, so today’s post is about Empties# and Repurchase#. There are few stuffs which we always re-purchase no matter what. So here are my favorites that I have emptied and re-purchased and their mini review.IMG_20160718_102928.jpg

Khadi Honey and Almond Oil Shampoo: I had very bad (i mean really really bad) hair fall in Feb this year and continued till April. Everytime I combed, washed or just touched the end of my ponytail, there was a whole bunch of hair coming off. It was so painful to see so much of hair falling down and started planning as to what I will do if  I become bald :(. I consulted dermatologist also. She asked me if I was ill in past few months and some more questions then she asked what I was using for shampooing the hair, the moment I said Loreal, she was like NO LOREAL!!! hehe.. I was using Loreal anti-dandruff shampoo and some hair mask of theirs for conditioning.  So I stopped using them immediately and meanwhile my sister recommended this shampoo as she too suffered the same hair fall problem as me. My dermatologist prescribed folic acid, protein powder and hair4U to be applied on scalp which I used a bit consistently but stopped folic acid and protein powder in some days only :-p. Hair4U is really good product, it also helped in controlling my hair fall.

I know you must be thinking by now…..where is the review??? lolz.


Okay, so ever since I used this, I have been consistently using it and have not touched any other shampoo. May onwards, my hair grew stronger and hair fall reduced and today my hair is so better and stronger than before 😀 (not in texture..its still dry :-p) and I totally thank this shampoo for that. So ya it has been tested by me and my sister during hair fall and really helps in controlling it. There is nothing awww about this product, just a normal shampoo but since it saved me from getting bald, I just loooove it and will keep on re-purchasing it. Price: Rs. 115 for 210 ml

Lactacyd: I have lost the count on how many bottles of this I have used and re-purchased. It such a mild and nice feminine genital wash. This was again recommended by my sister and I guess its almost two years or so since I have been using it.  I tried V-wash also in between because I was in Kanpur for sometime and could not find Lactacyd in medical stores there but did not like it much. I hardly used V-wash 3-4 times and its still lying on the bathroom shelf untouched:-p. Do give Lactaycd a try!!! Price: Rs. 160 for 100 ml.


Fogg Deo: The only fragrance I like in this range is Paradise. It has a strong and long lasting fragrance. I actually sweat a lot so this really helps in controlling the odor from my sweat and infact many a times I get asked by my fellow mates as to what perfume I am wearing then I say its Fogg (and in my mind bina gas wala deo)..lolz. Price: Rs. 185 for 250ml.


Maybelline BB Cream: Uhhh this my ultimate favorite my go to cream. Even if I skip my HG Olay moisturizing cream and just use this BB cream, it keeps my skin well moisturized while providing medium coverage also. It suits my skin tone so well that it becomes my second skin. Honestly, every since I started using that and no matter how many other foundations I try, I keep re-purchasing it….love it to bits!!! Price: Rs. 250 for 18ml.


Thats all gals!! 😀










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