My Strawberry Mania: The Body Shop Strawberry Shower Gel, Body Mist and Body Butter

Hi Everyone,

Today I am gonna share mini review of  The Body Shop Strawberry range. I have shower gel, body butter and body mist. Shower gel was a recent purchase and had bought others some 2 months back. I am so loving all these products :-*.Bod I have had heard a lot about TBS products, every other beauty blogger raves and swears by it so I wanted to give them a try and here is my mini review:

foodtravelandmakup my strawberry mania.jpg

TBS Strawberry Body Butter: The fragrance!!! :-* ❤ :-*. No matter how much you hate strawberry as a fruit or strawberry as flavor in candies and ice-creams, this body butter from TBS, will make you fall in love with strawberry. The moment I smell the tub full of body butter, it just soothes my senses. Believe me the scent of this body butter is to die for!!! Okay, so apart from the scent, its a nice product which keeps my skin well moisturized and soft. It gets absorbed in the skin quickly and does not leave any greasy or sticky kind of film. Scent also lingers on for long time and seldom feel the need to re-apply…one application is enough!!! Product comes in a wide tub so it would be easy to dig out even the last bit. Packaging is also good and travel friendly, will not leak even if your keep the tub between your clothes while travelling 🙂


Well honestly, I am such a lazy woman to apply body lotion or body butter and that is why its been two months and the tub is still half full :-p. I just feel so lazy to apply creams and lotions 😦 but am trying to improve on this front so that my skin does suffer in the long run.

I do not have any complaint for this product, its genuinely a good moisturizing body butter. The only part which pinches is its price..1095 Rs. for just 200 ml of product is pricey in my opinion specially when you are purchasing it from your own money. If you receive its as a PR sample then who cares :-p. But what intrigues me is the fact that I did not find any thing so fascinating that will make me mad about it. Yes the product is definitely good and I would re-purchase it also because I just love its scent but then its moisturizing effect is equivalent to Dove body lotion which is  a 400ml bottle for just 350Rs and with such a amazing amazing fragrance. Honestly, what I do not understand is what makes people rave and swear by it…well everybody has their liking!! No offence meant!!!

I have been using Dove body lotion for almost 2 years now and keep on re-purchasing it whenever I run out of it. I particularly like this blue label one because it has such a perfect and classy fragrance..had tried Shea butter one also but did not like its fragrance much. Even now when am indulging and splurging on TBS body butter, I have a full Dove body lotion bottle as a backup :- D and another almost 3/4th empty bottle :-D.

Okay, so on conclusive note if your pocket allows and you are in a mood to splurge then go ahead with TBS body butter, its definitely one of the best moisturizing product available in the market but if you are looking for a budget friendly option then Dove body lotion is best too 😀

foodtravelandmakup my strawberry  body butter (2).jpg

TBS Strawberry Body Mist: The fragrance!!!! :-* ❤ :-*. Its a mild body mist with sense soothing and freshness filled scent. Staying power on me is just 1 hour, I usually apply it only once on nape and back of my ears when I get ready in morning for office. Do not have that patience of re-applying through out the day :-p. So again, this is a good product with amazing scent. Price is Rs. 795 for 100 ml of bottle. The product should last long because I use it daily and still there is a lot more product left in the bottle. Packaging is not travel friendly, lid comes off easily and the glass bottle is bit heavy to carry.

foodtravelandmakup my strawberry  body mist.jpg

TBS Strawberry Shower Gel: Have been using this daily from quite few days and undoubtedly its a good daily shower gel. Its so gentle on the skin with mild fruity fragrance and does not at all dry my skin. Even if I skip applying body lotion/butter, my skin still feels soft and moisturized. May be the people with dry skin have a different opinion on it. Since its rainy season now so its actual test of drying non drying the skin will be in winters :-p. I mostly use Dove soap for bathing but in rainy season, the soap kind of melts and there is so much of product wastage so I switched to this shower gel and will definitely re-purchase it or some other shower gels of eyeing Fruit Passion 🙂foodtravelandmakup my strawberry  body shower gel.jpg

Price is Rs. 425 for 250 ml and will last more than a month easily. Here is the bottle which I have almost finished  using :-D.  The first pic in this post is a month old….I had posted it on Instagram also so you make out how soon I emptied the bottle :-p.

Its a nice product worth the money. Give it a try!!!


That’s all gals!!




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