Recipe:Water Melon Cooler


Hey there…. a big hello to everyone


This is going to be my first post and its all about one thing i love doing the most and that is cooking and experimenting with my food.
Although my experiments do not turn out to be success always but most of the times they do 🙂

Today i am sharing the recipe of Water melon Cooler with a spicy tadka.


Ingredients: Watermelon, 6 tbsp lemon juice, 2 tbsp pineapple crush,6 tbsp strawberry crush, mint leaves, 1/4 tsp black salt (optional), 1/8 tsp black pepper, 1/4 tsp chat masala  (optional), ice cubes and water.


  1. If the fruit crush is freshly made then add 2 tsp sugar
  2. If you have a sweet tooth and do not like the hint of spices then skip! skip! skip!
  3. Water can be replaced with soda but i personally do not like soda so i am using water.

Take two tall glasses and add pineapple and strawberry crush in equal quantities.Add the lemon juice and spices in equal quantities.



Fill the glasses half  with watermelon scoops  put few cubes of ice and  repeat the scooping  till 3/4th capacity of the filled. finally add some water and garnish it with mint leaves(mine are freshly plucked ones from my mini garden) 🙂



 Below is the pic before muddling


Below is the pic after muddling




And here is your watermelon cooler ready to be served.Serve it with a muddler so that the ingredients can be muddled well. You can give a stir before serving but that will spoil the gradual tasting  and the clear appearance of the drink.


Hope you will enjoy this refreshing and tangy watermelon cooler.


Have a blast! Enjoy!









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