Sandwich Recipe With Left Over Potatoes

Hello everyone……..


Hope you all liked my watermelon cooler recipe.  I am back with another experiment 😉 I am sharing the recipe of vegetable sandwich which i had tried using some leftover potatoes, coriander -mint chutney and cottage cheese (paneer).




  1. 1 medium sized onion cut into julienne.
  2. half capsicum cut into julienne.
  3. Half french cucumber cut into julienne
  4.  10-12 small  potato cubes.
  5. 7-8 medium sized cottage cheese cubes ( i am using frozen ones)
  6. 6 tbsp coriander-mint chutney
  7. 3 tbsp tomato ketchup
  8. 1/4 tsp salt
  9. 1/4 tsp chat masala
  10. 6-8 slices  of bread ( i am using multigrain)
  11. 2 tbsp vegetable oil or butter.


  1.  Quantity of salt may vary depending upon the quantity of salt already present in leftover food.
  2. chat masala is optional you can replace it with the mix herbs or seasonings depending on your taste.



  1. Take  potatoes and wash them to remove the spices or gravy.( I am using the leftover potato curry)
  2. Take a vessel add water to it and bring it to boil. Add frozen Cottage cheese cubes and boil it for a minute.
  3. Take a bowl add the leftover potatoes to it and mash it gently.
  4. Now add cottage cheese cubes and mash it .
  5. Add onion, cucumber and capsicum julienne.
  6. Add salt , mash the mixture with hand. This will help in removing  excess water from the vegetables.
  7. Add chat masala and mix it well.
  8. Now take 6 bread slices and spread the coriander -mint chutney on them.
  9.  Apply tomato ketchup on 3 of the slices.
  10. Spread the potato mixture evenly on 3 of the slices.
  11. cover it with the remaining  3 slices.
  12. Now  preheat  the griller or tawa and apply some vegetable oil or butter.( i am using tawa because i like my sandwiches extremely crispy 🙂 )
  13. Place the sandwiches on tawa and bake then on medium flame for 3 minutes.
  14. Apply the remaining oil or butter on the unbaked side and flip the sandwich and bake it for 3-4 minutes.







Your crispy sandwich is ready . serve it with the watermelon cooler to add  a refreshing treat.

Wondering what to do with your left over idlis…click!click!click!






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