Review:LOreal 602 PERLE DE JADE

Hello there…..

Here I am sharing the review of my favorite nail paint these days and its non other than Loreal Perle De Jade. This is my third repurchase of the product as earlier two were abducted from me 😉


This color of the nail paint is to die for least i do. The staying power of the product is amazing , it stayed on my hand for 10 days and barely chipped. The color starts fading after 8-9 days and becomes very light.To get a desired color at least two coats are required.The application is very smooth.

It comes in a  5ml cute tall glass bottle with extremely smooth brush.  It is priced at  Rs.250 and i bought it for Rs 188 from….good deal ;-).

I have also bought 310 LAMOUR which is a red in color and will share the review very soon.

Its other variants Black Swan 702 and Pinks,Katrina are at the top of my purchase list. 🙂

If you like to add  life to your nails then this product is a must buy…





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