DIY: Grow dhaniya/coriander for kitchen garden

Hi Everyone,

Today I am gonna share very interesting post which is a DIY. I had a big broken plastic bowl and wanted to reuse it. I also had a big bunch of coriander leaves to clean for green chutney and since it had roots attached to it, I thought to plant it for kitchen garden. You can also use coriander seeds instead but they will take more time to grow into plant. Since I have used roots here, they will easily re-grow.

  1. Take the pot in which you want to plant. Earthen pots are best. Put some soil into it till its 1/4th full.

2. Take the discarded roots of coriander leaves and keep them over the soil in upright position.


3.  Put more soils from all sides so that roots are covered with the soil well.


4. Put sufficient water from all sides so that soil is wet.


5. Now keep the pot in sunlight and water it regularly. For people in Mumbai there are no balconies so I kept it over AC outdoor unit 😀

I will update the blog and share pictures when the plant re-grows :-D. Hope you liked this DIY and do plant herbs in your kitchen garden.




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