Recipe: Curry Twist Raita

Hi Everyone,

I know you must be wondering at the title of this post. Actually I could not think of any name of this raita recipe, so gave it such a twisty name :-p. I had it at my SIL’s home and I just loved this version of raita so thought to give it a try. This is how you also make curd for curd rice but with some more seasonings.

For my English readers: raita is basically an Indian side dish made of yogurt, some seasoning or some veggies added to it. There are many variants of raita 😀


  • A bowl of beaten curd/yogurt
  • 2 green chilies finely chopped (you may use more or less depending upon how spicy you want it to be)
  • 7-8 green curry leaves (best if fresh and tender)
  • less than a tea spoon of cooking oil
  • 1/4 tsp of small mustard seeds
  • salt as per taste


  1. Beat curd/yogurt with a spoon till it is smooth


2. Chop green chilies finely. Wash curry leaves and dry them with a paper towel or kitchen towel.


3. Heat oil in a tadka/small pan and when oil is hot add mustard seeds. Let the mustard seeds splutter till the cracking sound is gone.


4. Take off the pan from stove and add green chilies to it. Be cautious here as seeds of green chili may splutter.


5. Add curry leaves now and let the mixture cool down in pan itself so that curry leaves can release their aroma.

P.S. We do not want to cook green chilies and curry leaves over the flame as that will burn them and will spoil the taste. That is why we have taken off the pan from stove.


6. Now add this mixture to the curd prepared in step 1.


7. Add salt as per taste and give a good mix to the ingredients. Curry twist raita is ready to serve 😀


P.S. You can also add left over rice to the above mixture and have it as curd rice 🙂




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