Tip of the Day: Reuse silica gel bags. Do not throw away

Hi Everyone,

So today’s post is about silica gel bags which we mostly throw away. I too used to throw them away some times back because it reads “Do not eat Throw away”. So I used to think of it as some poisonous stuff that should be immediately thrown into the dustbin but no more now. Instead I am fond of collecting them now..hehe :-D. You must me wondering what for….!! :-p


Silica gel bags are used to keep the moisture away and that is why when you buy new shoes or bags, you will always find them lying inside. Infact if you buy Happydent chewing gum that comes in the packaging as in below pic, you will find a silica gel bag inside :-p. The are used to absorb moisture and prevent breeding of fungus. They are non-poisonous  but definitely not eatables cause if swallowed they may choke the throat and that is why it is advised to keep them away from children and not to be eaten. But we fear them so much that they always land in the trash :-p

foodtravelandmakeup silica gel bag reuse (2).jpg
Do you see the message written about silica gel

Uses: You can keep silica gel bags in your shoe closet, gym bag, wardrobe (specially during rainy seasons), hand bags, packet/box of your photo albums to prevent photos from being spoiled due to moisture. Keep them in places where you fear moisture can spoil the stuff.

So next time you find them in your new shoe box or bags, do not throw them away 😀




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