Tip of the Day: Reuse felt tip eyeliner to apply gel eye liner

Hi Everyone,

What to do with dried out felt tip eyeliners…throw them in dustbin…naah!! Use them to apply your gel liner instead. Although you may not want to replace your favorite gel eye liner brush but this tip comes quite handy as the pen style of eyeliner gives good control for applying that crisp and fine line. Added benefit: you have a gel liner brush with cap :-p.

foodtravelandmakeup tip of the day.jpg

Story behind this discovery: It was quite sometimes back when my newly bought Maybelline HyperSharp felt tip eyeliner dried out (although reason was something else  read out here), so I cleaned its tip thoroughly with makeup remover to take off all traces of product and I started using it as lip liner brush :-p. I know you must be thinking…so miser to buy a new lip liner brush…hehe :-p. This hack worked well till few applications but after few uses there was some black stuff coming out with each application.

So I stopped using it as lip liner brush and thought to try it with gel liner instead and it worked so well.

foodtravelandmakeup tip of the day (2).jpg

Do give it a try when you have finished using your felt tip eyeliner 😀




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