Tip of the Day: Keep felt tip eyeliners upside down

Hi Everyone,

From now on we are starting a special post in which we will share tips and tricks related to food, travel, grooming, hygiene, makeup and some daily hacks.

So today’s tip is: Keep your felt tip eyeliners upside down in the makeup holder to keep them from drying out. Like so:

foodtravelandmakeup tip of the day felt tip eyeliner.jpg

What I observed is that when felt tip eyeliner is kept in normal way (cap side facing up) after just few days it kind of dries out at the tip although there is ample product left inside. It gives the impression that product is dried out although its not. When I first bought felt tip eyeliner which was the Maybelline Hyper Sharp one, after few days of purchase, it started drying out on the tip and on applying the eyeliner, application was quite faded. So I regretted the purchase and thought of never buying Maybelline felt tip eyeliner again.

foodtravelandmakeup tip of the day felt tip eyeliner (2).jpg

After Maybelline launched Colossal felt tip eyeliner and I read good reviews about it, I thought to give it a try and to my shock after just 3-4 days of purchase when I used it, the intense color pay off which it gave in first few applications was missing. I was disappointed again and before throwing it into the dustbin, I thought to keep it upside down to see if some product will flow down to the tip and make it work again and Eureka! I found out the way to make felt tip eyeliners work. Since then I do not have any single complaint with Maybelline Colossal felt tip eyeliner, it applies like a charm and color pay off is so intense. I love it 😀

This post turned out to be essay of the day :-p




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