Weekend Gateway: Trip to Mahabalipuram Shore Temple

Me and my husband had visited one of his amazingly wonderful cousin in Chennai and that is when we had an opportunity to visit one of the UNESCO world heritage sites of our country i.e Shore temple at Mahabalipuram/Mamallapuram

This trip was the memorable one,weather was awesome, the roads were superb and an amazing host who is also a good chef šŸ˜‰

We covered a total distance of 400 kms approx , 344 to Chennai from Bangalore and 56 kms from Chennai to Mahabalipuram via ECR

ECR is the East Coast Road, it runs along the coastline making it very scenic.Although the sea is not visible through out the travel as there is lots of construction work happening. Road was being upgraded resulting in multiple diversions but it was all worth reaching Mahabalipuram .

You can also enjoy the beach view here,it is located at the sea shore.


Ā Front View of the Temple










Random clicks on our way back to bangalore





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