Review: The Makeup Cosmetics Brush Egg

Hi Everyone,

Applying makeup is such a fun but when its about cleaning the makeup brushes, for me everyday is like…tomorrow for sure!! hehe. Earlier, I used to clean my makeup brushes on palm of my hand but ever since I have bought this baby, cleaning brushes is no more fuss for me :-D.


I came to know about it in a Kathleen Light’s video where she gave a demo of this brush egg. Although there are many variants available in market like Sigma brush cleaning glove, Real Techniques brush cleansing palette and many more, I thought to try brush egg since it was cheap than the ones sold by big brands. Basically I was not willing to invest in high end brands before testing them out. So I bought it from amazon during some super sale days and it cost me Rs.350.

Because of its design, it cleans the brushes nicely and removes all sorts of makeup product left in the brush. I clean my foundation and eye makeup brushes on it and it works equally well for both type of brushes. It has big ridges for face brushes and small rounded bumps for eye brushes. The only downside is that when it comes to big brushes like powder brush, since its cleaning area is not as big as the Sigma and Real Techniques ones, cleaning is little problematic but nothing as such which can not be dealt with. Need to work in half portion for cleaning big brushes.

How to Use: Put the brush egg in two of your fingers, damp your brush in water, put some baby shampoo or brush cleansing gel over the brush egg and swirl the brush back and forth till lather is formed and all sort of makeup comes out from the brush. Rinse the brush again under running tap water till soap and water is clear. Now remove the excess water either by squeezing the tip of the brush or by twitching/shaking the brush. Place them on clean towel or surface and let them air dry on their own. Brushes are ready for next use! 😀

Btw..I use dettol hand wash for cleaning the brushes.It not only cleans but also sanitizes them and has done no harm to my brushes :-D. I am so impressed with Brush Egg, it has made brush cleaning so so easy plus they are made of silicon so you do not have to worry about staining either…love it :-*.

Do give it a try 😀

We also have a demo video on YouTube. Check that out too.




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