Review: The Body Shop Bath Gloves

Hi Everyone,

We all know the importance of skin exfoliation and today I am gonna share review of The Body Shop bath gloves. Although skin exfoliating is must for maintaining health skin, too much of exfoliation may lead to serious skin problems. There are many products and tools for skin exfoliation like scrubs, micro dermabrasion  creams, body sponges, loofah etc, these exfoliating gloves have worked best for me. I am too lazy to apply scrubs and exfoliating creams so these are quite handy.


These gloves do a wonderful job of exfoliation but one needs to be very careful while using them. It also helps to fight the ingrown hairs to some extent. When I first touched the gloves, I was bit skeptical as to how will it work. But do not be disguised with how it looks and feels when you take it in your hands. Once rubbed on the skin, it may even wound it if not used carefully. I once used them on face and got very bad rashes :(, so from that day on wards I only use it for body exfoliation.

They come in a free (fit to all) size and fit perfectly in the hands and the elastic on the wrists helps to stay the gloves in the hands well even while in shower after few uses, the elastic near the wrist loosens a bit. But no worries, it does not come out in shower or running water :-D.

fooftravelandmakeup The Body Shop Exfoliating Gloves.jpg

How to use them: When ready for shower, wear the gloves and wet them in water. Use soap/shower gel and rub onto the skin with light hands till lather is formed and skin is exfoliated. After shower, let the gloves air dry on their own.

Overall its a amazing product, does its job well and soft healthy skin is guaranteed if used carefully.  Its a great buy, worth the money and a must have stuff. I bought them for my Mom too and she is very happy using them as she can easily reach and clean the back with it. These are priced at Rs.395. Do try it!! 😀

P.S. Once you start using them you will agree why I used the word carefully again and again  :-p

foodtravelandmakeup the body shop exfoliating bath gloves (3).jpg




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