August Empties and Repurchase

Hi Everyone,

Hope you all are doing good. Time is flying so fast..isnt it? It feels like it was just couple of days back that August month started and now its over! Okay, so today I will share the products that I finished up lately with their mini reviews. The ones that I repurchased are always a must buy for me. To know more keep on reading ūüėÄ


Maybelline Clean Express Eye and Lip Makeup Remover: I have been using this makeup remover for almost three years now. The earlier packaging had blue and clear liquid, then later on Maybelline changed its packaging so now it comes in this sleek bottle with clear liquid. The product is oil based and removes lip and eye makeup very well. I use washable mascara  and eyeliner for daily wear  and they come off easily with this remover. However for waterproof mascara, you will have to leave the makeup remover soaked cotton pad for few seconds on your eyes to take the product completely off.

It also clears remains of kajal, eyeliner, fallout of glittery or any powdery eye shadow very well. Lip creams and lipstick too come of easily but if lipstick is hell as matte :-p and has settled in fine lips then I have to rub a bit hard to remove the stain. I never felt that product stings my eyes. Lid closes tightly and the bottle is of plastic so packaging is quite sturdy and makes it travel friendly. The product is my favorite, lasts really long and is worth the money. Price: Rs. 300 for 100 ml.

Maybelline Clean Express Eye and Lip Makeup Remover.jpg

Since I have been using this product for such a long time so I thought to give it a break and bought Bioderma miscellar water some times back but it too gentle for me :-p so I had to restock the Maybelline one :-D.

Wanted to write more about the product but then I reminded myself..its a mini review!!! :-p

Dove Moisturising Body Lotion:  This is my all time favorite body lotion. It so thick and moisturizing and can give TBS body butters a run for money. I have a post too where I have kind of compared the two. You can read it here July Empties and Repurchase. Price Rs. 350 for 400 ml.


Olay Moisturizing Cream: My and my husband’s HG cream. We both use it and love it to bits. Its the one and only face cream we ever use. It has very mild fragrance and keep the skin soft without breaking out the skin. My Mom too uses and loves it, she has dry skin. I have combination skin and it suits me well . So I believe it will suit all skin type and will not be heavy for oily skin too. No pore clogging, no breakouts, this product is a must have and is definitely a hit! Price: 450 for 100 ml

Olay Moisturizing Cream.jpg

As I say for my favorite products :-p..I have lost the count on how many times I have re-purchased it. Bought it at a discounted price on amazon for Rs. 385 during super saver sale.

Fogg Body Spray: Its a essential for a sweat factory like me :-p. Read more about it here July Empties and Repurchase.

Fogg Body Spray.jpg

Soulflower Tea Tree Oil: I am having back acne from quite some times now and some on thighs too. Read about benefits of tea tree oil in treating acne some where on google so thought to give it a try. I purchased it from a month back and used it regularly on my thighs too see if it works and results were quite satisfying. So I re-purchased it but bigger size this time.

Soulflower tea tree oil.jpg

Although tea tree oil is meant to be used with a carrier oil and not directly on skin. Initially I mixed it with few water drops to dilute it and used it. But later I thought to try it directly on the skin without diluting and it worked equally well. I personally did not face any problem on using it directly. Price: Rs. 450 for 15ml and Rs. 850 for 30 ml. You will find online discounted prices for the 30 ml pack surely.

The Body Shop Shower Gel: I have emptied the Strawberry one and although I wanted to repurchase the same one Mr. Hubby insisted on trying a new variant. Although he never interferes in my shopping, I thought to value his suggestion this time :-p so bought the honey variant this time. Lets see how it works :-D. Price Rs. 450 for 250 ml

The Body Shop Shower Gel.jpg




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