Review: Real Techniques Core Collection Set

Hi Everyone,

Real Techniques do not need any introduction, they make best quality brushes and that too at affordable price. Like most of the makeup beginners, I was skeptical to buy costly brushes so my first makeup brush purchase was from Vega…the one which comes in pack of five…I had the red one. Later when I learnt more about makeup, I thought to try Real Techniques Expert face brush and it was my first purchase from the band. I was soooo impressed by it that I kept on buying other brushes thereafter.

footravelandmakeup Real Techniques Core Collection Set.jpg

I know I am quite late to share this review but I just wanted to share my opinion and love for these brushes :-D. So today I will share my thoughts on Core Collection set…I think it a year old now and the brushes are as good as new :). I will also review Expert and Blush brush in another post.


You must be thinking..its a year old product and she still has the box!. Yes, its because this box comes so handy while travelling. I keep all my makeup brushes I want to travel with in this box and I am good to go. It keeps them safe from being de-shaped and acts as makeup brush holder. Infact I have kept all the boxes of brushes of Real Techniques. They are too good to carry your makeup brushes while travelling.

Real Techniques Core Collection Set Packaging.jpg

There are basically four brushes in this set and once panoramic case. All brushes are meant for different purpose and are super soft. I will explain and review each brush now.

1. Buffing Brush: This is hero amongst all the brushes from set and the one that I own. Trust me its so amazing…it blends the foundation/BB cream like a dream…one of the best foundation brushes in the market :-D. It buffs the foundations beautifully into the skin and I get that no makeup kind of look. I use it with liquid foundations and Maybelline BB cream and works equally well with both. It can be used for powder and mineral foundations too.

Real Techniques Core Collection Set Buffing Brush.jpg

I sometimes use it for dusting off powder/compact and sometimes for applying blush too. This is actually a multi tasking brush. I take out the foundation left on brush by swirling the brush on my wrist and then use it for powder or blush application. It blends blush so well into the skin, feels like natural pink and blushing cheeks…I just love this brush. Wish this brush was sold on its own…sigh! 😦

2.  Contour Brush: This brush is designed for contouring the cheeks. I do not do contouring, so I use it for highlighter instead and works great. I also use it for applying loose powder under eyes for setting concealer. Again a great brush in the set.

Real Techniques Core Collection Set Contour Brush.jpg

3. Pointed Foundation Brush: This is the typical flat foundation brush but its too small for applying foundation on face. Honestly, I have not used it a single time for applying foundation but it is great brush for applying concealer under eyes or areas where concealing is required. For concealing it reaches the inner corner of eyes and sides of nose easily.

Real Techniques Core Collection Set Packaging Pointed Foundation Brush.jpg

4. Detailer Brush: This brush is the smallest in the set and is meant for spot concealing and applying lipstick. I mostly used it for applying lipstick and sometimes for concealing acne. I usually mix 2-3 lipstick shades to create custom shade and this brush does great job of mixing the shades. Some times when I am wearing dark lip colors and make any mistake this brush comes in handy to conceal the stain of lip color.

Real Techniques Core Collection Set Packaging Detailer Brush.jpg

5. Panoramic Case: This is basically brush holder and case for keeping the brushes organized. Although it is a great stuff, I hardly use it. I find it easy to carry brushes in the box rather.

Real Techniques Core Collection Set Panoramic Case.jpg

Overall, Real Techniques Core Collection Set is a great buy and once you start using them, you will know how to use them for different purposes. If you are a makeup beginner, instead of Vega brush set go for this one :). These are easily available in India now and amazon sells them at such a discounted price.




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