Weekend Gateway Conoor-Random Clicks

Here is another addition to my random click diaries.This time the place is extremely beautiful.I felt in love with the beauty of this place especially mornings.

In this post I will share few photographs from my trip to Conoor, it’s a small town in Tamil Nadu very near to Ooty. If you are planning a trip to Ooty, do visit this place it’s beautiful,peaceful and romantic than Ooty.

Stay@ sunvalley home stay-This place is actually a home stay, staff is so friendly and helpful. The breakfast they served was the yummy one and I had the heaviest breakfast of my life.

Food@hyderabadi biryani house-biryani here was one of the best I ever had.


A Bear spotted at Bandipur National Park

foodtravelandmakeup.com Conoor


foodtravelandmakeup.com Conoor  (20)


foodtravelandmakeup.com Conoor  (19)foodtravelandmakeup.com Conoor  (18)foodtravelandmakeup.com Conoor  (17)foodtravelandmakeup.com Conoor  (16)foodtravelandmakeup.com Conoor  (15)foodtravelandmakeup.com Conoor  (14)foodtravelandmakeup.com Conoor  (13)foodtravelandmakeup.com Conoor  (3)foodtravelandmakeup.com Conoor  (12)foodtravelandmakeup.com Conoor  (11)

Enjoy the beauty of Conoor through my eyes.




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