Mini Makeup Haul

Hi Everyone,

Hope you had a great weekend. Mine too was good mostly because I shopped few makeup stuff and watched movie Baar Baar Dekho. I liked the movie a lot although my husband did not :-p. Okay so let me quickly show you what all I bought recently.


1. LA Girl Pro-Concealer: Ever since LA girl launched in India, all their products are being hailed especially pro-concealers. I bought two shades from orange and green for Rs. 535 each. Honestly I do not need much color correction for my skin but I was very intrigued to have them in my vanity and to see how they work. I have little dark skin near the inner corner of eyes, which concealer does not hide perfectly so will see if  orange corrector works. I also have to see some color correcting tutorials first :-p

foodtravelandmakeup LA girl pro concealer.jpg

2. Vega fan brush: I wanted to try fan brush from quite some time and was not sure which one to buy, so thought to try my hands on Vega first and see how it works. It is available on Nykaa for Rs.99 and without much thinking I bought it along with LA-Girl pro-concealers. But the first impression of this brush is not good. The brush is really small, I am not sure if it will work. Lets see…

foodtravelandmakeup vega fan brush.jpg

3. Oxy bleach: Its a re-purchase and actually a staple for me. Bought it from local beauty store.

foodtravelandmakeup oxybleach.jpg

4. Loreal Magique 12H Matte Foundation: This is a new launch and I am so excited to try this out. Will let you know my views about the product very soon.

foodtravelandmakeup Loreal Magique 12H Matte Foundation.jpg

5. Aroma Magic ABC Face Wash: This is also a new launch. I think in the same Activated Bamboo Charcoal (ABC)range, they also have launched face mask and shampoo. I actually wanted to but TBS tea tree face wash but settled with this because lately I have been reading a lot about beauty benefits of charcoal. Infact there are also many charcoal face masks available in the market. I am quite sure that this face wash is not going to do any wonders to my skin but was just fascinated to try some charcoal product this time. Will put up a review soon 😀


6. Aroma Magic Hand Cream: I needed a hand cream for office as I wash hands everytime I go to the washroom and that results in dryness of hands.

foodtravelandmakeup Aroma Magic Hand Cream.jpg

7. PAC products: PAC products are really amazing although for me some products turned to be disappointing but still I always want to buy from them as they keep on launching new stuff. This time I bought eyelashes in no. 213 and 54 and their mascara. Both these products are being raved my beauty bloggers so I thought to try them too. I also bought a brown taupey eyeshadow for transition color and a blush brush.  I am planning to do a review post on PAC brushes soon 😀

foodtravelandmakeup PAC products.jpg

8. Kara Facial Wipes: Last but not the least, a facial wipe is always a must have for me. I particularly like this variant of Kara facial wipe and is always a repurchase for me.

foodtravelandmakeup Kara facial wipes.jpg

Thats all Gals. Hope you liked my haul 😀




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