Restaurant Review: Maharaja Bhog

Hi Everyone,

So this time we are reviewing Maharaja Bhog restaurant which is quite popular for its Premium Veg Thali and is having its chain in India, Dubai and USA. I personally love Thali concepts but my hubby prefers A la carte though who cares ;). We have been to their Oberoi restaurant so many times but this time we visited their new restaurant which has recently opened in Powai @ Haiko Mall.


The seating capacity of Powai restaurant is comparatively smaller than the Oberoi one but interior is more beautiful. There are two more variations in Powai restaurant: 1. It shares the space with “Fussion” which is bar cum global cuisine veg restaurant and 2. they also offer A la carte apart from their traditional thali system. One more good thing is that they keep the items to be served on display so that people can see as to what is being served for food that day.

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We were welcomed with nice reception and smiling staffs. They started with their traditional way of serving water from a tea pot jug for washing the hands. Typically multiple staff members serve the items in Thali as they have follow a number system to serve the dishes. We were given welcome drink first and then Dhokla and Dal-Bati were served along with some Punjabi samosa. Starters were good and usually we always find them good. Although they serve 3 course meal but being a thali, all items are served at once. Really appreciate the fact that they serve the items hot and in case the food is not hot, they immediately change it when we bring to their notice.

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Thali in which food is served
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Welcome drink and Chaas

We started with our main course which is a typically a combination of roti, bajra roti or puri with 3-4 veg curries, dal and gujarati kadhi. They also serve two types of sweets which could be seasonal as well. Though they always change their veg items, dal and aalo sabji is quite common along with one paneer item. This time thali was good as paneer, aalo sabji and dal was good in taste. They also serve two types of rice which could be plain or masala rice and khichdi. I never like that plain sada khichdi but I know people love having it even my Husband loves it when it is served hot with lots of ghee! 🙂

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The Delight

The only thing I don’t like about Maharaja Bhog specially the Oberio restaurant is that managers are very vigilant about the way you are having the food. They have kind of keen eyes if someone sits idle and immediately manager asks if they can serve you any other thing in case they see you sitting idle. Sometimes it is good considering its the hospitality but sometimes it feels like they want to you to vacate the table.

foodtravelandmakeup Restaurant review Maharaja Bhog (6).jpg

Sweets are also good and during summers, they serve aamras which I love a lot. Rest sweets are good/ok, depends on your taste. I would give 8 stars to their starters and 6.5 star to their main course out of 10. Sometimes thali is really good and sometimes its just okay specially when they make tondli/parval type of veggies. Our total bill including taxes for 2 thalis was Rs. 900.

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