My Shopping Spree Continues

Hi Everyone,

I have been shopping like crazy from the month of August. I bought quite a lot of makeup stuff in past few days and some more are in pipeline :-D. But today’s haul post is not about makeup, its mostly household stuff, one gown and a hand bag. So let me show you what all I bought:

1. Mason jars: I wanted to buy them from really long time and finally I have them now. I am not sure if I am going to have a drink in them daily but just the sight of it makes me happy and fall in love with them <3. These are available at Rs. 100 each at One Stop store.

foodtravelandmakeup shopping spree mason jars.jpg

2. Organiser: I needed some organiser for my makeup and saw this case at One Stop. They had it in various sizes and colors. I bought this one for Rs.225

foodtravelandmakeup shopping spree organiser.jpg

3. Servewell Serving Plate: In the first look I thought its a wooden plate but then the sales executive clarified that itΒ is a melamine plate with wooden finish. I quite looked the look of this plate so purchased it for Rs.300 πŸ˜€

foodtravelandmakeup shopping spree servewell plate.jpg

4. Clip Fresh Airtight Box: This is quite small box which I bought mainly for storing curry leaves. You might be aware while purchasing veggies from local market in Mumbai they give a portion of masala (curry leaves, coriander leaves, ginger and green chilli) free. I wanted something to store curry leaves because when I have them, I do not need them and when I need them, I do not have them and get mstly thrown away. So bought this small air tight container for storing curry leaves. What a story for a container!! :-p

foodtravelandmakeup shopping spree clipfresh.jpg

5. Big Cushions: Bought these for bedroom as a pillow. These big cushions are really comfy when used as pillow, they relax the shoulder stress. Bought it from Lifestyle Home Centre for Rs. 599

foodtravelandmakeup shopping spree big cushions.jpg

6. Coffee Mugs: I so love these colorful plain mugs. I already have four of them in red and green and these yellow beauties are new addition to the set :-D. Each is available for Rs.89 in Lifestyle Home Centre.

foodtravelandmakeup shopping spree coffee mugs.jpg

7. Gown from Global Desi: Well this is for my sister. I am planning to visit her in early October so bought it as a gift for her. Full length gown are so trending these days and Global Desi has amazing collection of it. This is for Rs. 2999

foodtravelandmakeup shopping spree global desi gown.jpg

8. Handbag from Westside: Westside has an inhouse brand with name L.O.V for handbags. I wanted one for office, although my Caprese hand bag is still going good, I needed some change. As this was priced for just Rs.1899, I immediately bought it.


Thats all Gals! Hope you liked my shopping πŸ˜€




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