Makeup Essentials for School/College Teens

Hi Everyone,

Today’s post is for school going teens who want to you use minimal and affordable makeup. When I first started using makeup (am no master today also :-p), I was totally clueless as to what should I buy that is not only good but budget friendly at the same time. But testing different makeup products which do not work ultimately not only leads to disappointment but also waste of money. And when you are a teen you do not want to waste your pocket money 😀

Lets start:

1. BB/CC creams: Start with a BB or CC cream instead of foundation. These are basically yellow tinted creams which helps to even out the skin and are very light weight. They blend easily into skin and do not need blending skills as in case of foundations. There are many such creams available in the market today. Creams like Maybelline BB cream and Lakme CC cream come in various shades but BB creams like Ponds, Garnier and Fair n Lovely come in a single shade. Almost all of them are priced <Rs. 300.  I personally like Maybelline BB cream a lot. I have it in shade Nude 01 (review here)

But before you buy a BB or CC cream, try it on yourself so that you will know which shade suits you. Remember to try it on your face and not on hands.

2. Compact powder: Its time you stop using white powder on face and use compacts instead. If you have the art to blend white powder effectively then it okay otherwise the white patchy look of that white powder does not look good at all. If you have oily or combination skin, a light dab of compact will help to control the shine but if you have dry skin then avoid using compact powder as it will make your skin look more dry.

Lakme, Maybelline, Loreal Magique are affordable compacts available in various shades in the market. All are priced at <=Rs. 400. Since they are available in various shades, do try them on yourself and do not but them randomly.

3. Eyeliner: Both kajal and eyeliner make you eyes pop and make them look more beautiful.  If you have watery eyes, try using eyeliner instead of kajal as watery eyes do not let kajal stay on the waterline and rather give raccoon kind of look to eyes. For eyeliners, I known many girls prefer Lakme insta eyeliner which is a good product too but you will really need some time to master the technique of getting a crisp line with it.

Although you can always use Lakme insta eyeliner, as a beginner its better to try felt tip eyeliners which are pen style eyeliners and give better grip, control and precision. My recommendation will be Maybelline Colossal Felt tip eyeliner which is priced at Rs. 450. Even pencil eyeliners give good control and in case you like colorful eyeliners, then Lakme Eyeconic and Maybelline Vivid Smooth eyeliners are good options to start with.

4. Kajal: If you like wearing kajal, there are so so many options available in the market which are very affordable like Patanjali, Lotus Herbals, Himalya, Maybelline Colossal, Lakme Eyeconic, Loreal Magique etc. All of them are priced <=Rs. 350.

As I have watery eyes, the only kajal that works for me is PAC Intense Auto Kohl (review here). But many girls swear by Maybelline Colossal, it not only works great as a kajal but can be used as eyeliner too. Infact Lakme eyeconic kajals are also great. Instead of typical black kajal, you can also try Lakme eyeconic brown kajal (my favorite too) which looks very flaterring as well.

5. Tinted lip balm: In case you do not want to use lipstick but want to use something that gives sheer color to your lips then go for tinted lip balms. My all time favorite is Maybelline Color Bloom in shade pink. On application it applies sheer on the lips but after a minute or so gives very beautiful pink color to the lips which looks very natural. No matter how many lipsticks I own, I always have this baby with me :-D. I wish Maybelline never stops manufacturing them 😀

You can also try Maybelline Baby Lips Candy Wow which are tinted lip balms. They are priced at Rs. 250.

I am not aware of any other tinted lip balms in the market 😦

6. Nude/pink/peach/mocha lipstick: If you like wearing lipstick (and also if allowed by parents :-p) then Lakme Enrich Satin and Maybelline Color Show are really affordable range of lipsticks to go for. Although you can always try bold colors but as a beginner you can start with pink/mocha/peach/nude lipstick shade that compliments you. Some shades are reviewed here and here.

P.S. Some how all the products I recommended in this post are of Maybelline. Please note that this post is not sponsored. Maybelline makes really good affordable products.




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