Review: Loreal Magique 12H Mat Foundation

Hi Everyone,

Today’s post is about Loreal Magique 12H Mat Foundation. For some reason, whenever I look at it, I forget that its a foundation and not my regular BB cream :-p. I guess because this foundation comes in a tube unlike usual glass bottles and quite resembles the Maybelline BB cream tube.

Loreal Paris Mat Magique 12H Foundation.jpg

About the Product: Company claims for 12 hours long lasting oil and shine free look and the science behind is some sort of micro minerals in the foundation that stop excess oil by regulating sebum secretion during the day :-p. This is a new launch and is available in 5 shades N1, N3, G5, G3 and G1. It is priced at Rs. 595 for 30 ml of product.

I picked it up at the Loreal counter after trying it on my face for the reason that I had no idea what the shades were like and no way wanted to buy it online. I tried N1 and N3 on my face and both blended well with my skin. N1 is the lightest shade in the range and N3 is a shade darker than N1. There is no N2 btw, I am not sure why such disconnected shade numbers have been given to them. Might be Loreal released only selective shades in India…am really not sure. I finally picked N3 because for some days when my skin is not lighter, a shade darker foundation is always best bet.

Loreal Paris Mat Magique 12H Foundation (2).jpg

Now the question is does the product deliver? Yes it does but the exception here is that I have tested it only for 9 hours and that too indoors. My office timings are from 11 AM to 8 PM and that is the maximum time I have wore it till date. I really did not get the chance to wear and test it in Sun or for 12 hours. I have combination skin and it has worked for me. My oily T-Zone remains shine free for almost 6-7 hours with just a little shine appearing as the day ends but that is negligible and can be easily fixed with a dab of C-fold :-p. I do not carry makeup for touch up in office but I am sure it works because when I wear Maybelline BB cream or even Matte Me foundation to office, my T-Zone gets shiny after few hours.


I believe it will work for ladies with oily or combination skin. But I am not sure if it will work equally well outdoors in Sun because heat and humidity causes excess sebum generation. Will update this post in coming days on this point. Ladies with dry skin definitely need a good moisturiser underneath else the foundation will look flaky and may not give desired results. Infact for combination and oily skin too, I would suggest to apply water based moisturiser first because when face is freshly washed, skin is quite dry at that time. So you may not like the application of the foundation in that case. It gives medium coverage. As I do not have acne or scars, I do not need a concealer with it.

I also tested the longevity of its matte effect by using it alone for few days then used it with makeup fixing spray and on some days dabbed loose powder after applying the foundation and the long lasting effect was same in all cases.

Loreal Paris Mat Magique 12H Foundation (4).jpg

The texture of this foundation is very light and some what mousse like. I applied it with fingers, RT buffing brush and RT expert face brush and for me amongst these three, RT Expert face brush is the better tool to apply this foundation. I think the texture of foundation is a key factor to decide how face brushes apply the product. Usually with RT Expert face brush, I find application bit streaky but it has worked great with this foundation and even failed my favorite RT buffing brush.

Packaging is so glossy, classy and beautiful. The pretty pink color just steals my heart :-D. Cap closes tight and there is no fear of product leakage so can be easily carried during travel.


Overall, this foundation is great, affordable, easy to carry and stands to its claims for me. I am so loving this foundation. This will definitely be a repurchase for me ❤




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    1. U can use mayeblline or loreal bb cream as tinted moisturiser. But considering winters u should mositurise ur face with a cream. Let it settle on face and then apply bb cream..

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