Review: Nivea Frangipani And Oil Shower Gel

Hi Everyone,

Today’s post is about Nivea Shower Gel Frangipani oil. The name is quite interesting..most of the time I read it as firangipani :-p. This has been lying in my bathroom shelf for quite some time now, not because I did not like it but due to the reason that ever since I started using The Body Shop shower gels, they have taken over my ex-favorite Dove beauty bar (used to be my love some times back but its ex now :-p) and this humble shower gel also.

Nivea Frangipani And Oil Shower Gel.jpg

I bought it from local G-mart store just for the reason that the packaging and color of this shower gel was very beautiful. For me most of the shower gels are same, the only difference for me is their scent. Other than that, cleaning and moisturising part for most of the shower gels is same. This shower gel is also good for the fact that it does the cleaning job well and leaves the skin soft. It does not make my skin dry and has very beautiful, soothing florally smell which I fall for every time I smell it :-D. Lathers up well in Mumbai water :-p and not much of the product is required to create the foam.

Nivea Frangipani And Oil Shower Gel (2).jpg

Consistency is of the shower gel is also good, its neither runny that the gel just spills out nor so thick that one needs to shake the bottle to get the product out. It has small beads which I think are added just for the sake of making it look good. Do not expect any scrubbing properties from the beads. Packaging is not travel friendly, although the cap closes tightly, it may easily come off if you keep with other belongings while travelling.


Overall this is a good shower gel which you can purchase if you are bored from your current shower gel and want to try something different. I may not re-purchase it because I am in love with TBS shower gels but will definitely try to finish it along with my current favorite TBS honey mania shower gel. It is priced at Rs. 195 for 250 ml




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