Tip of the Day: Use Alum Instead of Anti-Perspirant Deo/Roll on

Hi Everyone,

Anti-perspirant Doe/Roll on are infamous for having aluminium which is harmful for the body and may lead to cancer also. So instead of such products, use alum which is antispetic and absolutely safe for body and under arms.

foodtravelandmakeup alum bar antiperspirant.jpg

In old days, alum water was used as after shave lotion :). I have this alum bar which is for just Rs.10 and can be found at departmental stores easily. There are many benefits of alum but today I am just focusing on its anti-perspirant property.

foodtravelandmakeup alum bar antiperspirant (2).jpg
Alum is anti-bacterial

I use it myself to control excess sweating and odour. I have been using it for over a month now and believe me it really effective :). Alum also comes in form of crystals but the one I am sharing today is a bar used for skin healing and fight sweat related problems.

foodtravelandmakeup alum bar antiperspirant (3).jpg
Its odourless and does not melt away easily

How to use it: Wet in water and rub with on the affected area with light hands (the way soap is used) and let the area air dry.




12 thoughts on “Tip of the Day: Use Alum Instead of Anti-Perspirant Deo/Roll on

  1. Thanks for sharing. I didn’t know they made it in soap bar form.
    when I was younger we used alum powder as deodorant and it works but not effective as
    anti-perspirant so if you work in a tropical country it’s not cool. It also has natural whitening properties.

    Also, alum powder is good to treat cold sores. Very effective.


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