Inglot Matte Lipstick 423 Review And Swatch

Hi Everyone,
Today post is a review post on Inglot Matte lipstick in shade 423. This is the only Inglot product I own. Need to explore more of its products.
My experience: When I first used it, I was very disappointed with the lipstick. Because of its matte texture, it crumbled on my lips and gave such an ugly look. I somehow fixed it using a lip balm but the flakes were still showing up on the lips. After that day it just lied in my stash, unnoticed and unused. It is so disappointing when a product which is so pricey fails on you.
A couple of months back I reached for it again as I was not able to find my MAC Candy Yum Yum which is quite similar to it. I had no choice but to use it as I had no other shade to go with my outfit. I had to make it work, so I dabbed Nivea lip balm with feathery strokes as it is quite greasy and then applied rather dabbed this lipstick to get a wash of the color on my lips. Again dabbed little balm and then a full swipe of lipstick. This way it worked for me and was not chappy or flaky thereafter.
My take on the product: It is a beautiful neon pink kind of color which is so vibrant and instantly brightens up my face. But other than its color, there is nothing I like about this lipstick. No matter how beautiful the color is, if texture just does not work, then that lipstick a big nay! It is very drying on the lips and looks flaky after few hours of application which gets very embarrassing. Although I somehow make it work on me but who likes such a fussy way to apply lipstick. Because of its dry texture application is not smooth and involves tugging. Even MAC Ruby woo is matte as hell but atleast it does not crumble on the lips. Sorry I am comparing Apples with Oranges :-p.
Price: Rs. 995 for 4.5 g
Shelf Life: 3 years
Available at: Inglot stores and
Final Verdict: Please skip this lipstick…!!!

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