My PAC Army| PAC Eye Makeup Brushes Review

Hi Everyone,

Today I am going to share review on PAC eye makeup brushes: PAC 391, PAC 033, PAC 371, PAC 102 and PAC 106. I recently bought their blush brush too but am yet to test that out so will review only eye brushes in this post. For those of you who do not know about PAC, Professional Artist Cosmetics is a Indonesian makeup brand that has created niche for itself by creating high quality makeup targeting Asian skin. In India, it has a single outlet in Mumbai but its products are also available online on and all of the retails for less Rs. 600 each.


Lets start with the brushes I own:

1. PAC 391: It is a long tapered duo fibre blending brush. Can be used for blending the eyeshadow on the crease and also for applying just a wash of color in case you do not want to put much efforts. I have washed it many times till now and has neither lost its shape nor has shed the bristles. Its really soft and fluffier. Trust me you will not be disappointed with this. Recommended!

PAC Eye Makeup Brush 391.jpg

2. PAC 033: It is believed to be dupe of MAC 217 and both of them look similar also, the only difference is that MAC one is more denser.This brush is used for blending the eyeshadow in crease much like MAC 217 but MAC definitely has upper hand in terms of blending. Other than blending it can also be used for placing the color on lids or just applying a wash of color on this lids. Its made of goat hair and has not shed til now after so many washes. If you are on a budget, you should definitely go for PAC 033.

PAC Eye Makeup Brush 033.jpg

3. PAC 371: It is an eyebrow filling synthetic brush. I had bought it thinking it to be an eyeliner brush but while using it, I could not work on eyeliner with it and later realised that its meant for eyebrows. I have full brows so seldom fill them only when they go wrong after threading :-p. So for me this brush is of no use…stands idle in the brush holder.

PAC Eye Makeup Brush 371.jpg

4. PAC 102: This brush is for placing the eyeshadow on the lids. It packs on the color effortlessly (depends on eyeshadow quality also) on the lids and reaches inner corner of eyes very well. A good eye shader brush. Stains a little with dark eyeshadow but then it is the problem with all hair goat brushes. So no complaints!

PAC Eye Makeup Brush 102.jpg

5. PAC 106: It is a pencil brush used for smudging the eyeshadow/kohl on lower lash line or for placing the darker color on outer V. The good part is that it is not scratchy like MAC and colorbar pencil brush. It is made of goat hair, no shedding after many washes. The only problem I faced was that few hair strands on the outer part of the brush have gone hay now 😦

PAC Eye Makeup Brush 106.jpg




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