Review: Nykaa Pastel Nail Enamel – Blue Lime Slush, No.66

Hi Everyone,
Today’s post is about Nykaa nail enamel which is manufactured and marketed by Nykaa itself. They come in various colors and textures and are available only at I had bought three really fun shades from Pastel Nail Enamel collection…Lilac Cupcake, Blue Lime Slush and Blackcurrant Gelato sometimes back but did not try them a single time.
Nykaa Pastel Nail Enamel Blue Lime Slush No 66.jpg
We planned a visit to Saputara last week (read about the experience here) and I decided to paint my nails with one of the cool shade blue lime slush. The color is quite trendy and very different from my usual nail color likings :-p but I was disappointed with the quality of the product. Scroll down to read more.
Price and Quantity: Rs.179 for 9ml
Product claims: The Nykaa Pastel Nail Enamel Collection is FIVE FREE. The nail polish formulas are not only made without the three most common chemicals found in nail polishes (Toluene, DBP and Formaldehyde), but also without two other very dangerous chemicals (Formaldehyde Resin and Camphor).
Nykaa Pastel Nail Enamel Blue Lime Slush No.66 Brush Tip.jpg
My Experience: Although the brush is long and wide, the first coat applied sheer and very uneven. Second coat was better but still the finish was not desirable as expected from a second coat. Ultimately I had to go for a third coat. The only good part till second coat was that the nail polish dried quickly so I did not have to wait long between reapplication. With third coat, my nails were painted well and at last I stopped. But with this, came the frustration to dry the nail paint. Since I had to apply 3 coats, it took long time to try and ultimately I ruined the finish when I went to bed in the night, there were some impressions on the nails. It also start chipping within a day or 2 of application.
Nykaa Pastel Nail Enamel Blue Lime Slush No 66 Swatch.jpg
After 1 coat
Nykaa Pastel Nail Enamel Blue Lime Slush No.66 Swatch.jpg
After 3 coats
I am not sure if the other two colors will apply equally bad as blue lime slush…hope they are better :(. I am not impressed with the quality of Nykaa nail polish…blue lime slush at least..its really bad and disappointing. Do not recommend it.

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