Aloe vera and Mint Lemonade

Hi …..

Today i am sharing a cool ,tangy and refreshing recipe of Alovera Mint Lemonade.

Its has health benefits of Aloe vera,refreshing taste of mint and tang of lemonade.




  1. 80 ml Aloevera pulp
  2. 80 ml Lemonade syrup
  3. Fresh Mint leaves(mine are freshly plucked from my mini garden)
  4. 1/4 tsp black pepper
  5. 1/4 tsp black salt
  6. Ice cubes


if you do not have a ready to use lemonade syrup, you can use 80 ml of sugar syrup and 6 tbsp of fresh lime juice.


  1. Take two tall glasses and add aloe vera pulp in equal quantity (40 ml each)
  2. Now chop some mint leaves and add them in equal quantities to both the glasses.
  3. Add lemonade syrup to both the glasses in equal quantity i.e 40 ml each.
  4. Now add ice cubes,black pepper and black salt
  5. Add cold water and garnish with mint leaves
  6. Give it a stir before consuming.

                       Chop Mint Leaves, add aloe vera pulp and lemonade syrup


                        Add black pepper, black salt, ice cubes and cold water


                       Garnish with mint leaves

                     Your refreshing Aloevera and Mint Lemonade is ready





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