Weekend Gateway: Saputara, Gujarat

Hi Everyone,

Saputara, the only hill station in Gujarat state is around 260 km from Mumbai. We planned a road trip and as many people have not heard or know about the place, we decided to venture out. By the way, Saputara is widely promoted by Gujarat Tourism and is termed as Gujarat ki ankho ka tara hai Saputara :-p in one of the videos of Big B.

Our dhanno :-p

When we spoke to our friends and family members about the place, no one got the name right. Got to hear really funny things from them….they called it “Sabudana”, “no-do-gyaraah” , “Paputara” and what not…lol

Saputara is first destination of Gujarat when you enter from Nashik Maharastra. Maharashtra continues for almost 60 km and hilly road starts after 45 Kms which means you have to cover around 35 Kms on hills. Road was not very good as it was single road and traffic was coming from both sides. We clicked again few beautiful snaps.

We checked in to Lakeview Resort which is just opposite to Saputara lake and booked Maharaja Suites which is their best premium room. We will review resort in next post 😀

After getting relaxed with a cup of tea, we thought to visit local market around 6.45 PM and headed to main Saputara market. As weather was awesome, we fall in love with nature and reached lake side. Cold breeze was refreshing us from the tiredness of entire day trip. Fog intensity were very high and visibility was very less around 7 PM. We enjoyed boiled corn and egg-bhurji at local stalls. Egg-bhurji was very yummy :-D. We headed back to our resort at 8.00 PM and went straight to their restaurant for dinner.

Weekend Gateway Saputara Lake Flowers.jpg
Flowers in the garden of Saputara Lake


Weekend Gateway Saputara Local Food Boiled Corn.jpg

Egg Bhurji was soo yummy!
Weekend Gateway Saputara Lakeview Resort.jpg
Hotel Lakeview covered with fog

Next day we decided to explore other part of this town. We visited Saputara Museum which was not very maintained and seems like to be placed in a museum itself….lol. After that we spent some time listening to the local music which was very unique. Local people use an instrument called “Pauri” which is a combination of flute and been and they play it very well. There are also few handicraft shops in the vicinity.

Tribal huts at display in Museum



Weekend Gateway Saputara Museum (2).jpg

Weekend Gateway Saputara Museum Men Playing Pauri Instrument.jpg
Mr.Husband trying hands on Pauri instrument
Weekend Gateway Saputara Local Handicraft Market.jpg
Handicraft shop in local market
Weekend Gateway Saputara Local Handicraft Market (2).jpg
Me doing the window shopping :-p

Then we thought to enjoy boating in Saputara lake which was phenomenal experience though lake was just normal. It was phenomenal because of lovely  foggy weather. We also explored fish aquarium and it was just opposite to our expectation. Entrance was very bad though but fish collection was very good inside. As there are too many pictures of different fishes, I will put a youtube link of the pictures of fishes. Further we went to ropeway point but because of high intensity of fog, ropeway was not functional. We also explored Echo point and table point which were just ok….got the feeling of Lonavala :-p. I think all hill stations look alike in Maharashtra :-p

Weekend Gateway Saputara Lake Trees.jpg
Fog laded trees
Weekend Gateway Saputara Fog Covered Lake.jpg
Saputara Lake
Boating at Saputara lake
Weekend Gateway  Saputara Lake Boating.jpg
Selfie Time 😀
Weekend Gateway Saputara Amusement for Kids.jpg
Amusement for Kids

Finally we enjoyed local food at stalls near by and got to taste lemon grass tea. The chai walas crush lemon grass into our desi chai during preparation and the flavor of served chai is so amazing…loved it 😀

Kaccha Aam :-*
Weeknd Gateway Saputara Local Tea Stall Lemon Grass.jpg
Lemon Grass planted in the pot


Lemon Grass Flavoured Tea
Masala Maggi 😀

Though location is very nice but it is not well maintained. It could have been better experience if the museum and other local structures were well maintained. With keeping good memories, we continued our return journey to Mumbai at around 4.30 PM.




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  1. That lipstick on cup reminds me Adnan Sami’s “Coffee bar” song.. Had a similar pic of my girl’s too but long back 😂 #throwback #teenacts


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