Weekend Gateway: Lavasa

Hi Everyone,

So finally Lavasa post is here getting published today after pending for so many months in the drafts section. I could not locate the hard disk which had these pictures so now when I have them, I thought to publish this post.

Weekend Gateway Lavasa Picture 9.jpg
On our way Mumbai-Pune Expressway
Selfie time 😀

About Lavasa: A small peaceful planned hill city around 218 km away from Mumbai’s hustle and bustle. This is a favorite weekend spot for Mumbai and Pune people who want take a break from busy days and relax on weekends.

Weekend Gateway Lavasa Picture 3.jpg

About our trip: So after three cancellations for the same place,we decided to execute it and packed our bags for Saturday morning. As always, you can never get up early on Saturday morning, we were asleep till 10 AM and woke up with an idea to cancel this trip again :-p. But then after taking heavy brunch we packed our car at around 2.00 PM with all essentials. As usual, we met traffic on our way and heavy rains were adding more spices to it. We took JVLR-Airoli-Panvel route and reached Mumbai Pune Expressway. It took more than two hours to reach Panvel which is just around 50 km from our home…had to cover 170kms more.

Weekend Gateway Lavasa Picture 5.jpg
Lavasa Lake

Though we love rains but certainly not very heavy rain while driving on expressway. We reached Hinjewadi and took a right turn for Lavasa. If you continue on same Hinjewadi route, it will lead you to Pune. There is no sign mark for Lavasa turn, you need to take the assistance of google maps or local people. A slight traffic during late evening hours might be difficult as Lavasa is hilly area and you need to reach over there before sunset.

Weekend Gateway Lavasa Picture 7.jpg
Water sports in the lake

Weekend Gateway Lavasa Picture 10.jpg

There are total four hotels in Lavasa. Fortune Davase, Waterfront Shaw, Ekaant and Mercure. Mecure has largest number of inventory amongst all. It is located at Davasa Cirle which is heart of Lavasa City. Mercure is good in room amenities (but certainly not best) and is budget hotel. Since it was a weekend and we booked the room on spot, it tuned to out to be costly affair. We paid hefty 7k for one night stay. As we were tired and rooms were almost full in every hotel, we decided to stay at Mercure. Room services were very poor and restaurant food was pathetic….just terrible! There are some other residential flats available for staying purpose.

Weekend Gateway Lavasa Picture 11.jpg

Weekend Gateway Lavasa Pictures 1.jpg

Next day we had breakfast and then after checking out from the hotel, we went for sight seeing. Weather was very bad that day, too sunny and hot…we were sweating so badly. On reaching the Lavasa lake, the sight turned out to be huge disappointment, there was nothing more than a lake which appeared very much like Powai lake :-p. Although there was jet skiing option available, other water sports were closed. Honestly, we were let down as the sight was neither mesmerizing nor beautiful. Bad weather was just adding to our disappointment.

We would definitely visit the place again because the place can be enjoyed if weather is favorable. Secondly, we also wish to stay in Ekaant Hotel as we liked the property a lot but they were charging 11k for a night stay so we opted for Mercure. It would be good idea to book the hotel online and in advance if we plan a trip again.




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