Being a Foodie…

Hi Everyone,

Its been so long and I have not said hi to my WP buddies,so a big hello to everyone and the reason for my MIA is that I am in Mumbai these days at my sister’s place. Lots n lots of chatting, lots n lots of shopping and ofcourse lots n lots of food 😀 to enjoy.  I have bought quite a lot of stuff from Westside and will share the pics in my upcoming haul post.

Yesterday we went to Galleria, Powai and had such amazing pani puri but forgot to take a picture. Will go to the place again, it was nice hangout over there!

Sharing few clicks of my food indulgence is last few days.



Egg Oats Platter

Cupcake in Making Process


curd rice

Kashmiri Paneer Kaliy




5 thoughts on “Being a Foodie…

    1. sure dear…my pleasure… will post the recipe soon.
      All the places you mentioned have been added to my list…I am sure there is loads to explore… 🙂

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