Mini Shopping Haul

Hi Everyone,

Hope you all are doing good. Past few days were really busy but fun filled. We had been to our hometown Kanpur for Diwali vacations and after we were back my Sister, Sister’ s Husband and my Mommy visited us in Mumbai. Though we could not go for any outing, our mostly visits were to malls….too much of shopping :-D.

I too bought some stuff for myself and thought to share the pictures with you all.

foodtravelandmakeup mini haul.jpg

1. Two fragrances: Fogg Paradise and Nike Casual.These are re-purchases…my all time favorite and go to deodorants. Fogg seems to have a new avtar 😀

foodtravelandmakeup mini haul fogg paradise and nike casual.jpg

2. Two lip colors: Colorbar Rustic and Studiowest  Sunset. I wanted to buy Colorbar Rustic from really long, so finally I have it now. Also bought a lip color from Studiowest, a inhouse range of cosmetics from Westside. They have amazing eyeshadow trios priced at Rs.395. I swatched all of them at the counter and they were so amazing, soft and super pigmented. But all of the shades were out of stock and I was really disappointed 😦

foodtravelandmakeup mini haul colorbar rustic and studiowest sunset.jpg

3. Two face products: Oxylife face bleach and Everyuth Apricot scrub.

foodtravelandmakeup mini haul oxybleach and scrub.jpg

4. Two kohls: Lakme Eyeconic in shade brown and Mayelline Colossal in turquoise. Lakme one is re-purchase and turquoise is new purchase. Wanted to try out this shade from long time.

foodtravelandmakeup mini haul kohls.jpg

5. A pair of flats from Westside: Because more is less :-p…I always feel that I have no footwear :-p

foodtravelandmakeup mini haul westside footwear.jpg

6. PAC 106: Bought it again as I gave the old one to my Sister 🙂

foodtravelandmakeup mini haul pac 106 brush.jpg

Thats all friends. Hope you liked my haul. Let me know in comments what all you shopped recently 😀




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