My Shopping Haul

Hello Everyone,

As you might remember from my previous posts that I was in Mumbai for few days at my Sister’s place. We both shopped a lot…majorly me :-p. Most of the stuff I picked up was from Westside and few picks were from Lifestyle. So I thought to share the pics of my shopping with you all πŸ˜€


  1. Knee length A-line dress with 3/4th sleeves from wardrobe. I loved the colors and the geometric asymmetry.


2. Maxi Dress from Bombay Paisley


3.Pink knee length, sleeveless dress from wardrobe.


4. Blue knee length baggy dress from L.O.V


5. Black and white Β dress from wardrobe.


6. Ankle boots with side zip from Head Over Heels


7. Shoes from Ginger


8. Studiowest eyeshadow, Chambor makeup remover and maybelline concealer

9.Crop top and long skirt from NUON.


Hope you enjoyed the post. Let me know in comments




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