Review: Plum Green Tea Pore Cleansing Face Wash

Hi Everyone,

Hope you all are doing. Today I am haring review on Plum Green Tea face wash which I had bought from Nykaa some couple of month back. Price: Rs 399 for ml.


I had have been using Patanjali face wash for really long so thought to try some new. Body shop’s tea tree face wash was my first choice but some did not purchase it although last few months I have been splurging in TBS products. I though to give Plum’s face wash a try while browsing on Initially when I started using it, I noticed bumps appearing on my face. I was not sure of the cause so stopped using it completely and switched to Patanjali face wash. It was also colder those days and my skin felt very stretched after using it so that gave me another reason to stop using it.

foodtravelandmakeup plum green tea face wash picture 1.jpg

It had been lying idle on the bathroom shelf, so one today I thought to give it a try again. But this time I did not face any skin issues and it was just like a normal face wash doing the cleaning job. So since then I am using it every single day and thankfully have not noticed any bumps or something. Okay, so that was a little of the story part :-p

foodtravelandmakeup plum green tea face wash picture 2.jpg

So now the review part :-D. It is meant for combi and oily skin people, I have combination skin. Its a clear face wash with some micro beads (meant for better cleansing I suppose). Fragrance is awesome, mild and soothing, I just love it. It does the cleaning job good, removes the washable makeup in one go. Skin feel clear and clean.

As it is warmer and hotter now in Mumbai so I dont feel the stretchy skin now. It has glycolic acid and anti-oxidant elements but my skin is as it was earlier. So  honestly, there is nothing extra ordinary I felt about this product.

Update: After I gave second chance to the face wash and was quite liking it, I noticed that there was light white spot developed on my chin. Honestly I was terrified after noticing the white spot and my first suspect was this face wash. I stopped using it altogether and in some days, white spot was gone. Since then it has been lying unused and idle on the bathroom shelf. I dunno what caused the white spot and cannot fully blame this face wash too but I am terrified to use it again. Infact, now I am skeptical to use any other product from the brand.

foodtravelandmakeup plum green tea face wash picture 3.jpg

I really miss Aroma Magic ABC face wash…my skin was so better while using it….got to purchase it again :). Will also do a haul post soon 😀




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