Life Update…

A big hello from Japan!

As some of you might know that me and my husband recently moved to Japan few days back, I thought to share a post on what I am upto these days. We are in Japan for my husband’s work commitment. We have been here earlier also and I love being here.

From cities to people to weather to food to infrastructure, everything is beautiful about Japan. Right now we are in Tokyo and will shift to Yokohama soon once we finalise the home.

Sharing few pics with all of you:

Night view from the balcony of my hotel.

life (5)

Backside of the hotel

life (4)

Enjoying flavored yoghurts these days.



Bought this shampoo from a local store. Ichikami brand is famous for making amazing hair products free from sulphates and parabens. Β Will try to review it soon.

life (2)

Bought this facewash…Its my all time favorite….





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