Review : Biore Face Wash

Hello All,

In my last post, I had promised to review Biore face wash. There are many variants available but today I will review

I had first tried it 4 years back when I first came to Japan and liked it so much that I smuggled it to India :-p…gifted few to my sister, mom and SIL.


How I use it: I take a little amount of the face wash on my palm (very less product is required), lather it between palms to create foam and then gently rub that foam on my face.

Biore (3)

I have oily skin and it removes all sorts of dirt and oil from my face. Leaves my  face clean and supple. Although it is colder here but I really do not feel the need to moisturize the face after washing. Dry skin ladies must follow up with a good moisturizer however.

Packaging is very sturdy and cap shuts tight. Can easily be carried without worrying about product spilling or leakage.

Biore (2)

Price: 498 Japanese Yen

Quantity: 130gms

Availability may be a con in India, however I have seen some Biore products on sometimes back…do not remember the price though.




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