Review: Colorbar 008 Rustic Kiss Proof Lip Stain

Hi Everyone,

Today I am going to share my review on Colorbar 008 Rustic Kiss Proof Lip Stain. My sister was bit kind to buy it for me :-p when she was in Mumbai. Indian beauty market is flooded with liquid lipsticks these days with every other brand launching their line of liquid lipsticks.

Colorbar rustic (5)

I was mad for this color ever since I saw a youtuber wearing it but somehow spending Rs.900 always made me pull my hands back. But then when Sonali gifted it, I just could not say no :-p

Colorbar rustic (3)

Okay so about the product, formula is very much like the other liquid lipsticks, apply glossy but soon when they dry up, they settle into matte finish. Although I love matte finish lip products but somehow liquid lipsticks are making me loath the matte formula. Although they are comfortable to wear but I do not like the dry crumbled look they give to lips. Matte lipsticks are definitely a lot better. The first liquid lipstick I had bought was Rimmel Apocalips which have completely different formula and texture.I like them quite a lot than the liquid lipsticks that are trending these days.

Colorbar rustic (2)

As the name suggests, color is rusty…dark brick in color and for me the only hit about the product is its color and rest nothing is so fascinating. I expected the color to stay long but with food and drinks it comes of easily and fades on the lips. It definitely does not transfer to the cup or spoon  but longevity is a let down.

Colorbar rustic (6)

If I have to say in 1 line then, for me other than the color there is nothing great about this product can easily be skipped.



8 thoughts on “Review: Colorbar 008 Rustic Kiss Proof Lip Stain

  1. Colour are 😍😍 bt formula 😥 btw please check out my blog I have started blogging recently 🙃


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