Restaurant Review: Watami Chi Shinagawa, Japan


Here I am back with restaurant review but this time its in Japan. I personally love Japanese food and I strongly recommend this restaurant if you really want to try some of their preparations. And also to add that they have menu available in English which is very convenient as to know what are you ordering.

We paid 7000 yen for 5 sets of Beer and 12 dishes ( 4 repeated) 😀

They offer you a warm towel once you settle down on your table.

Small bowl is used to place bones and leftovers separately.

Watami chi (7)

Watami chi (8)
Cabbage with seaweed dressing (Complimentary)
Watami chi (9)
Crispy Chicken Gizzard
Watami chi (3)
Tebasaki freid chicken
Watami chi (12)
Barbeque Chicken
Watami chi (15)
Grilled Fish
Watami chi (11)
Fried Pasta
Watami chi (13)
Tuna Fish Sushi


Watami chi
Traditional way to eat Sushi
Watami chi (10)
Chilled Draught Beer


Watami chi (2)
Rice Bowl with egg and Chicken
Watami chi (14)
I did not eat anything  :-p




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