Coffee Love @ Lindt Cafe, Milan

Hey All,

Today’s post is dedicated to all coffee lovers. These pics are shared by my friend Nidhi Mishra who herself is a latte lady :-p and amazing food photographer.

Enjoy the latte through these beautiful captures. Sending her love all the way from Milan

foodtravelandmakeup coffee love pistacho cafe
Pistacho Latte
foodtravelandmakeup coffee love latte
Creme d Latte
foodtravelandmakeup coffee love creme d cafe
Cafe Latte
foodtravelandmakeup coffee love italian espresso
Italian Espresso
foodtravelandmakeup coffee love homemade coffee
Homemade coffee

Last but not the least….love of all Indians……

foodtravelandmakeup veg masala maggi
Vegetable Masala Maggi

Hope you liked the post! Nidhi will contribute to our blog by sharing more such amazing pictures. Stay tuned!




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