A day out at Gujarati Restaurant, Capetown

Hi All,

Here is another post of mouth watering pictures shared by my foody friend Nidhi Mishra. These pictures are drool worthy and so tempting that I want to eat all the stuff through pictures itself :-p

foodtravelandmakeup Indian Veg Thali
Veg Thali
foodtravelandmakeup Indian Food Dosa
South Indian Masala Dosa with Sambar and Coconut Chutney
foodtravelandmakeup Gujrati Snack Khandvi
Gujarati Snack Khaandvi
foodtravelandmakeup Gujrati Snack Khaman Dhokla
Gujarati Snack Khaman Dhokla
foodtravelandmakeup Indian Snack Dahi Bada
Dahi Bada

Time for sweets…

foodtravelandmakeup Indian Sweet Jalebi
foodtravelandmakeup Indian Sweet Boondi ke Laddu
Boondi Laddu


foodtravelandmakeup Indian Sweet Malai Peda
Malai Peda
foodtravelandmakeup Indian Sweet Kesari Peda
Kesariya Peda
foodtravelandmakeup Indian Sweets
Lot of Barfis

And lastly, how can she leave the restaurant without her love :-p






foodtravelandmakeup Coffee

A cup of coffee!

Hope you liked the post.





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