About Us


Welcome to foodtravelandmakeup.com

At foodtravelandmakeup we welcome you to join our passionate journey of being a foodie, a traveler and a makeup lover. We promise you the honest review of the products, travel destinations and restaurants. Our DIY section helps you to do the things on your own from a scratch. In Tip of Day  section we will share the useful tips for everyday life.

About the Founders

Foodtravelandmakeup was founded by Akansha Kaul and Sonali Kaul in June 2016. It was previously known as makeupfunda.com  which was owned by  them. Akanksha is an IT professional, a blogger, a big time foodie and makeup junkie. Sonali is a former healthcare professional, a blogger, a traveler and she loves to cook. Our admin is handled by Anupam Gupta and Sanjay Bhat.

So lets be beautiful, eat bountiful, travel soulful and live joyful.