Quick Tips

Storing Nail Paints

Keep the nail paints in fridge to save them from drying

Sharpen Eye/Lip Pencils

Place the eye/lip pencil in fridge from sometime before sharpening. The pencil can be sharpened easily and product wastage is less.

Dry Applied Nail Paint Fast

If you are in hurry and want the nail paint to dry fast on your nails then dunk your nails in a bowl of ice cold water for two minutes.

Fresh and Long Lasting Makeup

Splash ice cold water on your face or rub ice on your face before applying makeup. It will help in controlling the sweat and the makeup will stay long.

Make Lipstick Last Long

Blot the applied lipstick against a tissue paper. Keep the tissue over your lips and sprinkle a little translucent powder onto the tissue. Remove the tissue and apply a second layer of lipstick.

Re-use Clear Nail Polish

Do not like the quality of your clear nail polish? Apply a coat of it around the metal bottles or screws to prevent it from rusting.

Hide the Pigmentation of Lips

Apply concealer on lips to cover up the pigmented lips. Keep a tissue over your lips and sprinkle a little translucent powder onto the tissue. Apply lipstick as desired.

Remove Stubborn Mascara

Keep the cotton ball soaked with eye makeup remover over your eyes for a minute. Wipe it away, mascara will come off easily without rubbing hard on eyes.

Infallible Eye Shadow

While applying eye shadow, hold a tissue over the under eye area to prevent eye shadow from falling on face and underneath eyes.

Uneven French Tips

Soak a Q-tip/ear-bud in nail polish remover and correct the uneven portions of french tip with it.

Reuse Empty Perfume/Deo Bottle

Keep the used empty perfume/deo bottle open between your clothes in the almirah or in the shoe rack.

Safely Store Metal Jewellery

Wrap the metal jewellery all over using cotton and then keep it in any box or bag. This will help in keeping intact the color and shine of the jewellery.

Eucalyptus Oil in Pedicure/Manicure

Add few drops of Eucalyptus oil in the soapy water for pedicure/manicure. It will help in relaxing tired/sore feet and softening the skin.


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