Kiwi Lemonade Masala Soda

Hi All, Here is another refreshing and quick recipe..I personally liked the taste very much as I am a big fan of street lemonade soda recipe, so sharing the recipe. Servings:2 Ingredients: Kiwi pulp 30ml Lemonade mix(lime juice and sugar) 30ml. 2 tsp lime juice. 2 tsp aloe vera pulp. 1/4 tsp black salt. 1/4 … Continue reading Kiwi Lemonade Masala Soda


Aloe vera and Mint Lemonade

Hi ..... Today i am sharing a cool ,tangy and refreshing recipe of Alovera Mint Lemonade. Its has health benefits of Aloe vera,refreshing taste of mint and tang of lemonade. Serves:2 Ingredients: 80 ml Aloevera pulp 80 ml Lemonade syrup Fresh Mint leaves(mine are freshly plucked from my mini garden) 1/4 tsp black pepper 1/4 … Continue reading Aloe vera and Mint Lemonade