Strawberry Falooda Lassi

Hi Everyone, Curd is my favorite and adding different flavors to it makes its more tempting. So here is my  experiment with it. I am using a ready to use  weikfield Falooda mix as it was lying in the kitchen for a quite a long time and I did not like its final version. So … Continue reading Strawberry Falooda Lassi


Being a Foodie…

Hi Everyone, Its been so long and I have not said hi to my WP buddies,so a big hello to everyone and the reason for my MIA is that I am in Mumbai these days at my sister's place. Lots n lots of chatting, lots n lots of shopping and ofcourse lots n lots of … Continue reading Being a Foodie…

Kashmiri Recipe Tamatar Vangun/Tamatar Baigan/Tomato and Eggplant

  Hello Everyone,   Today's recipe is one of the favorites of my foodie friends and most of the time in demand recipe. Even my husband who hates to eat eggplant, enjoys this recipe. Its easy to make and requires basic ingredients.Although this recipe has little modification than the authentic one but it tastes almost similar. … Continue reading Kashmiri Recipe Tamatar Vangun/Tamatar Baigan/Tomato and Eggplant